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A party is a party, right?

Happy Birthday to Asher, the sweetest 3 year old, full of energy, Spiderman Faced, pizza eating little tyke.  I had a new lens to try out and a birthday party would be a great place to practice.  This kid party was something to rave about.  It wasn't your traditional pizza and cake party.  This party had an authentic wood burning pizza oven complete with freshly prepared dough and a toppings prep station.  How cool is that? AND a professional face painter!  All the kids had a blast at the party and the adults were enjoying fresh pizza.  The best part of the party was watching the kids faces as they looked in the mirror at their painted faces.  Their eyes lit up and big, giant smiles spread across their faces.  Oh, the joy to be a kid again.  It was an honor to "try out my new lens" and capture some fun memories at this party.  Happy Birthday, a sweet 3 to your parents this year!