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Colorful Fall Family Photo Shoot/ Denver Family Photographer

I just had to take on this family photoshoot in the Heart of the Colorado fall. The leaves were the MOST gorgeous I've ever seen in my life.  The reddest of the reds, and the most brilliant colors of orange, and just a burst of yellow...  SO, SO beautiful!  And... here we are... 3 kids under the age of four... And it was SO much FUN!

Their prize for a fast, happy, and good photoshoot was to play on the wonderful playground at the end of the trail.  Just a beautiful backdrop of the lake, rocks, the mountains, and colorful trees.  I will definitely keep this city park on my list of places to go for a diverse terrain on an outdoor location shoot.  The kids had a ball and we only had to bribe them with goldfish...just a few times, ha ha!  

Enjoy the pictures, I know you will!