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Lakewood Mommy and Me Photographer; Lakewood, Colorado Family Photographer

Welcome back everyone!  I just love blogging about my client sessions with you.  This particular photoshoot was just so much fun!  I went to the Slinger house and that's when the party started.  Dylan (3) and Gemma (1) are just the sweetest kids.  I was greeted at the door with smiles and squeals and even a few toys! 

As a Lakewood, Colorado Family Photographer, a lifestyle session at your house involves me just hanging out with my camera, ready to click away, while you do what ever you and your kids do best.  Play, sing, play some more... run around while you chase them and probably a few diaper changes and snack time in between.  These sessions are perfect for newborn clients and parents with kids in the toddler stage.  It's in the comfort of your own home and the little ones are in their own territory. It's way more relaxing than to stress about getting the kids, and the snacks, and the bribery method out the door on time to meet with your photographer.

Another reason that I love lifestyle sessions is that my photographs freeze that moment in time, just for you.  Just as it was.  Your son reading his favorite book or zoom, zooming his car.  Your daughter dragging her night night rabbit around by the hand everywhere she goes.  

You are too busy to be chasing them around with your camera, so let me do it for you!

Book your family lifestyle session today!  Summer is the perfect time to have this session taken.

Precious moments, precious memories. Let me hold that moment in time for you.


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Happy Summer, y'all!