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Hey everyone, happy Fall!!  This is a little different of a blog post today. I want to start including and connecting with my local community and small businesses around me.  It's just a good way to get out there and meet people.  A lot of times when I'm shooting photography I try to think about the connection... the statement... the final product... my vision, per say, and how my idea will process in the end.

So, I am watching my friends grow their businesses too.  I have one friend that started selling these amazing clothes from LuLaRoe.  Everyone's a sceptic at first...right?  They can't possibly be that comfortable and durable... So, I set off to try this stuff out.  As I am building my own business too, I am looking for my branding and wearing my company colors as I'm out and about with clients. This generally entails chasing toddlers and small children around parks, and climbing boulders or trees to get the shot I want. 

I ordered a few outfits and I now have my "work clothes" that are comfortable and breathable. Y'all, I am on the ground, on top of rocks (and boardwalks), knees in the dirt getting at eye level of the little ones in my photos.  I like it that I can roll around on the ground (demonstrating rolling in leaves, etc with toddlers) in these clothes and they clean up just fine every time. I am HOOKED on LuLaRoe now.  I asked my friend and LLR fashion consultant, Amy for an interview after I told her my main goal of comfort and style as I'm out and about town working as a Lakewood Colorado Family Photographer.

Here is her interview and my personal photo session with LillyBugs Photography. If you are in the Denver Metro or Aurora, Colorado areas, Check out my friend Celena from LillyBugs Photography.  She was fun and easy to work with and is one amazing Newborn Photographer.  Being a photographer myself and in front of the camera was kinda hard for me. Celena made me feel relaxed and has a beautiful style in her photography and portraiture. Celena can be reached on Facebook at, and her website is


LuLaRoe Amy Church's interview:

Hey y'all! My name is Amy Church. I have been a lularoe fashion consultant for a few months now and I cannot even describe how my life has changed in just that short time! I am a military spouse and a mommy of two adorable kiddos. In my spare time I love to sew purses and other fun things.

I started selling lularoe because initially I just wanted to make some extra money while staying home with my babies. But now, my "why" is SO much more! I love making women of every size feel beautiful in these clothes. I recently had a baby in March (baby#2), and I just felt completely unattractive after this one for some reason. My best friend (now my sponsor) brought some clothes to my house and just had me try them on. I NEVER felt that way in clothes before! They gave me back the confidence I had been lacking with living in this mom body. I knew then, I wanted to make women feel the same way I felt after wearing these clothes.

The clothes are all hand sewn and made of the best quality fabrics. They only print a few thousand of each print and then move onto another print. They are reasonably priced clothing with a stylish yet modest look. The best part is that they are EXTREMELY comfortable for every type of woman. The working woman can dress up and still be comfortable after she comes home from the office. Or the stay at home mom can wear a skirt or leggings to the park with her babies and look cute while chasing kiddos. There is something for every age, shape, and personal style of a woman.

Feel free to join my Facebook group and follow my weekly sales. I also do weekly giveaways!!

I have since added to my outfit collection, of course, and am happily looking for my "unicorn" leggings and tops everyday. I'm always on the hunt for those cute camera leggings...I know they are out there!

Email me at to book your next photo session. Fall family photos are happening now!  Christmas Limited Edition sessions are coming up in November as well as Holiday Cards and Santa shots! Contact me today!