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Lakewood Colorado Family Photographer - Francis Lily Boutique

I drove down these roads for every day for years in high school, but I rely on a GPS to guide me these days.

I was back in Georgia for a moment… more like a week for some fun family times. Because of the beauty of social media, I have been able to connect and “see” the goings on back in my hometown. Old playmates and former high school friends. I am a female business owner myself, so I gravitate towards other female owned - small businesses. I started seeing these cute hand painted signs popping up in my friends’ newsfeeds. With a little research, I realized the artist was an old friend from high school.

I connected with her and placed an order for a present my sisters wedding, although my additional request was that she allow me to interview her and photograph her working. That’s a tall order and quite some pressure, but thankfully, Lori agreed to let me watch on! We both enjoyed our time catching up with each other and telling stories about our kiddos.

Lori is an amazing woman, wife, mother, artist, and friend. Francis Lily is named after Lori’s beloved grandmother, Francis, who passed away in 2014.  Francis was a main stay in Lori’s life as a child. Her mom was a single mother going to school, raising a family, and working full time. She spent a lot of time with her grandmother and took note of special family times, learning traditions, and how hard her mother worked. Lori feels like she got the best of both of the most important women in her life. Lori’s mom bought her an art kit one day a few years ago and she started messing around in her kitchen painting. That was the beginning of Francis Lily Boutique.

Behind the painting scenes is a team effort. Lori’s husband breaks up pallets and asks what needs to be done. Lots of times she says they just enjoy working together and being in each others company. Festivals and art shows can be hard because of all the prep with the wood and making enough custom inventory. “I’m so thankful for my husband and his willingness to help me even after he comes home from his job. And for my customers, to be a part of their lives… I’m so honored because I enjoy seeing my work in my customer’s homes displayed.”

Lori really loves the custom orders her clients request. “Everybody has their own style and to each their own. I love designing what my clients dream up. And I love even more so when the customer says, go with it, I trust you!”

The work of Francis Lily Boutique seems to be popping up everywhere in Henry County, GA. Small, local businesses really like the custom, rustic look Lori creates.

“It’s so heartwarming and awesome to be a part of the local business community. I’m honored to be on their walls, and in their homes. I’m always wondering what’s next… I love to color match and create for people’s personal style.”

Lori mixes her own colors and can go off of just about anything. An invitation, a card, or a photo. Her favorite part of business is getting to being a part of peoples lives when it matters the most. “Every sign means something to someone, but some of them have more of a story. I get to be the best part of peoples lives, that’s so cool that people trust me to be there.”

Lori has no routine; orders can be sporadic at times and she fits in time to get all her signs done. On days off Lori always seems to be working… Even on vacation, she still takes calls and is sketching out designs for customers. I’ll have to say, sitting and watching her paint was so therapeutic and calming for me. It was just incredible to watch her chalk out the design and then paint it right in front of me. Lori’s steady hand and keen eye were amazing to watch.

Francis Lily Boutique, custom hand painted pallet signs are perfect for baby shower gifts, wedding presents, parents and grandparent’s gifts, teacher gifts, really for anyone that enjoys a custom gift! It’s a very unique piece that customers are always proud to display on their walls.


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