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Lakewood Colorado Family Photographer - A&P Engagement Session | Atlanta GA location

What’s a Lakewood Colorado Family Photographer doing in Hotlanta? Taking this sweet couples engagement photos, of course! Read along as our story of A&P unfolds on the streets of Atlanta.

It happened to be the first hot and humid day Atlanta had in the books. I felt as if I could barely breathe being used to the Colorado climate now, but I grew up in Georgia, so I figured it would come back to me. This couple took me all around town to their favorite spots and some gorgeous views I never knew about.

We started our photo adventure on the Jackson Street Bridge. This bridge has its fair share of the limelight, as it is one of the more used landscape shots in the hit TV series “The Walking Dead”. It’s also one of the bridges that does not have the protective cages over it, so it gives you a pretty clear view of the buildings downtown. It actually was not crowded at all as I had anticipated, so we had the whole bridge to ourselves, and time to play.

Next on our journey, we went to Piedmont Park. I should have worn tennis shoes, sunscreen and had my large water jug in tow because that’s where it started getting hot. But, the beautiful views of the city and watching A&P walk hand in hand with their Boston Terrier and laugh were so sweet.

The park is huge and I wasn’t sure where we were going. We walked across a very large field, passed a gazebo and through a wooded garden area. Then a beautiful stone walkway opened up to the view with Atlanta as the backdrop on a stone wall. Be still my heart! A&P went up and sat and stood and had some sweet moments that I captured. We continued to walk down the next path that lead to a dock on the water. What an amazing outdoor area for the community to enjoy year round.

Lunch at a delicious local eatery hit the spot, and we were off to conquer the rest of our photo shoot.

What’s more “Atlanta” than the historic FOX Theater? Centered in the heart of Downtown off one of the 71 Peachtree Streets, the marquis rolled on with the many entertainment options in the theater. Oh, the colors that were present and the non stop hustle and bustle, it was fun!

We ended our day and tour of the city to take a few more photos of the couple at their newly purchased house. What an incredible journey as a couple, planning a wedding, decorating  a new house and planning for the future! How exciting!

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